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Truthly great read

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Faking It - Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde

Max and Hailey are a great fun couple. There is no faking loving this book. You easily fall in love with both of these characters and the relationship itself even though it is supposed to be a fake engagement you can see that the both are starting to have feelings for each other but will they admit it to each other. Plus you get to keep up with characters from the other book in this series. Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde has once again wrote a great read and can't wait for the next one in the series.

Great books

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Hot on Ice: A Hockey Romance Anthology - Misty D. Waters, Andie J. Christopher, Susan Scott Shelley, Xio Axelrod, Katie Kenyhercz, Kate Meader, Kimberly Kincaid, Angi Morgan, Lena Hart, Kim Golden, Robin Covington, Avery Flynn, Nana Malone, Virginia Nelson, Christi Barth, Heather Long, Robin Kaye, Desiree Holt

Robin Covington Free Agent is a great Quick Read about Jamie "DC" Washington that is trying to get a job offer from his home town of Washington DC after winning the cup and coming out. But he also has what he plans as a lost weekend with Etienne who works with the Rage, that D.C. Currently plays for. Robin Covington wrote a great story that you didn't want to put down.

Avery Flynn's Blade was a great quick read about Flynn Kazakov the rages Stanley cup winning goalie and Gillie Pike a ex thief turned Jazz owner. This is second chance story can they forgive each other and also figure out who and why someone is behind trying to steal the cup and blame flynn. This is a great story again by Avery Flynn.

Lena Hart's Courage. This was a great quick read that is all about love and can this coach get his wife give him a second chance to work on his marriage. Will he and his wife be able to work through the anger and hurt on both sides. This is a great story and you just have to root for both Mason and Jules.

Wonderful read

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Counterbalance - Kelly Moran

Great read. Xander and Peyton have known each other since high school, she was the cheer leader he was the geek. Now he is the CEO of a company that is now a millionaire. The chemistry is smoking between them can they make it work even though they work together and with Xander's social anxiety and Peyton's fears of being left. This book is a great read and you don't want to put it down. Kelly Moran has made you fall in love with a great couple and the other characters in this book and you are rooting for them.

Wonderful journey

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Resisting My Submission (The Doms Of Genesis Book 7) - Jenna Jacob

Max and Samantha are great together. To meet Max and then to get the backstory of Mistress Sammie and see her fight her way to find her true self was absolutely wonderful. This is one of the best reads in the Doms of Genesis Series from Jenna Jacob. I love this series since you always meet new people but also get to keep in touch with the everyone from the other books from the series. This book was so good to see Samantha's journey was so great and can't wait for the next book in this series.

Great ending to great series

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Hot Property - Carly Phillips

This is the final book in the hot zone series and I love this book because John Rooper who is Micki's best friend finds his match with Amy Stone Spencer's niece. This couple is great together while you get to see them working together to try to fix Johns career and family life. Will the find love also. There is also some twists that make this story interesting and that you don't want to put the book down. This is another home run by Carly Phillips.

Hot read

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Hot Stuff - Carly Phillips

This is one of the first books I read of Carly Phillips, and this is a rerelease, this is an absolutely wonderful story with a great couple. Annabelle Jordan and Brandon Vaughn are great together. To read how these two characters fight there fears and their pasts is great. Carly Phillips keeps you wanting more and knowing that there are three more books in this series is great. I recommend to read this or reread this book because this series is great.

Great read

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Wedding Date Rescue - Sonya Weiss

This is a wonderful friends to lovers read. Kent and Casey have known each other since babies. They both need each other to fake a relationship but is it more and can they make it work. This was a great read and Sonya Weiss did a great job keeping you interested and know wanting to read what happens with Josie and Lincoln.

A great start to a new series

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Wet Dream (Hotties Of Haven) (Volume 1) - jenna Jacob

This is the first book in the hotties in Haven series by Jenna Jacob and she does not disappoint. Brea ends up calling Colton and Jade (from sin on a stick) after a run of bad luck) and needing their help and reconnecting with their friendship from high school the three of them make you laugh. Sawyer is a friend and local that that Brea meets and the chemistry she can't stay away from him even though she made a deal with herself to ban men. Will they be able to work together. This is is a great story and a great new series.

Absolutely amazing

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Dirty Duet (Found in Oblivion Book 3) - Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott

Absolutely loved this book. West and Lauren both are trying to move on from their past. Lauren's no filter is absolutely refreshing and funny. West is great. I love this relationship and the fact that you see what is going in the band and everything is tied and you see other characters from other series. Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot have again made you want more and you can't put this book down. Can't wait for the next book in this series.

Fell hard for the third in the series

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Going Down Hard - Carly Phillips

This is the third book in the Billionaire Bad Boys series from Carly Phillips. This is Derek West and Cassandra (Cassie) Storms book and they are made for each other. Reading how they fought their pasts and others around them was a great story to read, it is one of the best books because you see all of the partners and there significant others in the book but if you haven't read those books you won't be lost. This also set up for the next book in the series. Carly Phillips again makes you want more and makes it hard to put a book down.

Amazing read

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A Millionaire at Midnight (Bachelor Auction) - Naima Simone

This is another installment of the bachelor auction series by Naima Simone that does not disappoint. This read was so hot, entertaining and wonderful. Alex and Morgan run into each other and do not like each other, but then they realize that the need to work,together both for work reasons and personal reasons. When they make a deal and decide to make sure it's a business only deal will it be or will someone end up getting hurt.

This was a great read and again Naima Simone keeps you wanting more and you don't want to put the book down.

It's great to sin

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Sin On A Stick: A Hotties Of Haven Novella - Jenna Jacob

This was a great quick read, This is a great start to a new series from Jenna Jacob's. Jade and Colton were high school friends that hid their feelings from each other but after Jades life falls apart and she goes looking for a new life and ends up finding Colton. Their chemistry is HOT and they belong together, can't wait for the next book in the series. Jenna Jacobs again shows how to keep you interested and you don't want to put this book down.

Hot hot hot!!!

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Big Shot - Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde

Wes Sinclair is Hot as sin and Natalie Prescott is a minx and they have known each other since childhood. The chemistry between the two of them is smoking. Wes has been on the top of his game in the realty business and Natalie keeps out doing him. So what does Wes do makes a wager with her. Who wins, what's the stakes can they stay away from each other.
This is a great beginning of another great series from Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. Cannot wait for the next book in this series and it was great to read the cameo's of some of the other characters from the Dirty Sexy series, although you didn't have to read them.


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Only For You (The Lick Series) - Naima Simone

This is third book in the Lick series and I think the best and the most anguish for Killian and Gabriella. Killian trying to move on from being sent to jail for 2 years by the one of the people he's trusted the most, Gabby, and Gabriella for sending him there and a few secrets that they are each still keeping.

When Gabriella offers her body for one more night as punishment and the both move on? Will they get answers?

Naima Simone did it again and wrote a great book that I could not put down and was marvelous. Getting to see Rion and Sasha also helped. I highly recommend this book.


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Triple Trouble (Found in Oblivion Book 2) - Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott

Hot,hot, hot. This is an absolutely wonderful read. Juliet, Randy (sparks) and Tristan together are great. Seeing them first get together as a one night only, then seeing how things progress. But will they be able to deal with what others think of threesomes or jealousy between the three of them. Plus can their backgrounds and families help or hurt.

Taryn Elliot and Cari Quinn have another great read and this is another hot in the series in found on oblivion, plus some cameos from the oblivion members and hammered members. A definite read.

Great read

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Her Enemy Protector - Avery Flynn

Ruby was blackmailed into helping Luke save elskov from an arms deal. Luke was the leader of black nights, whom you met in the first book (each is a standalone) his under cover princess, Ruby is the step daughter of a crime boss and the black knights decide to use her.

There is a lot of chemistry, which of course Luke and Ruby try to fight, intrigue, capers and suspense in this story. Avery Flynn keeps you guessing and wanting more. This was another great read . Cannot wait for the next book in this serious.