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Her Secret Lover (What Happens in Vegas) - Robin Covington

Hot! Why do you always ant what you can't have.
Kelsey Kyle is a concierge trying to get a management position in a big hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Micah Holmes is a NYT best selling author that is one of her clients at the hotel, who is in for a convention. Kelsey is also asked to get another VIP client time with Micah. The is a strict no fraternization policy with clients but once Kelsey and Micah see each other will they be able to stay away from each other and will Kelsey be able to get Micah to do the Vip time for Kelsey so she can get the management position that she has always wanted.

This is a fun, romantic and very real adventure. Great book that keeps you wondering how it will end and what happened before to make make these characters how they are.